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Kamdham is a user friendly mobile based app to help reverse migrants families/ individuals to register themselves with skill set details. The application can map individuals by their skill details by location, set up skill guilds and can support these individuals for alternative work provisions within their district or state. This can create greater opportunity for reversed migrants at local, state and national level by setting up technology based platform and promote gig-economy.

Who We Are?

Network for Enterprise Enhancement and Development Support (NEEDS), a trust established in 1998, to intervene in selected poverty stricken pockets of Bihar and Jharkhand tobring a significant change in the life of women, children and the community. We believe in empowerment through a change in the thought process. Our initiative “Kamdham” is an user friendly mobile based app to help reverse migrants families/ individuals to registered themselves with skill set details.

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Segmented Area:

The project will start with Jharkhand, Bihar and then scale up to national level all reversed migrants data would be generated.

Problem highlights:

  • Gig-Economy Crashed
  • Reverse migration create pressure on local economy
  • No Data base for skilled and unskilled labours
  • Unsecured and informal placement
  • No clue about what next


  • Creating Database with skill set by location
  • Provisioning for skill accreditation
  • Registering multi-actor to creating B2B and B2G interface
  • Creating a database business hub interface

Intermediate Outcome:

  • Skilled based collectives evolved and MSMEs are promoted
  • Local entrepreneurs emerged to create service sector models – new upcoming industries books for certified work force team

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  • 10 million Reversed migrants have dignified resilient livelihood engagement.
  • Gig-economy process would be established with at list 1 Lac registrations from Jharkhand and Bihar. Technolog-based registration of labour market would be open for all states.
  • Establishing interface, registration provision for employers, contractors.
  • 15 days to 3 months skill crash course for certifications for the skilled labour force so that they are accredited &get higher scope of engagements.
  • Data base would be created for anyone seeking for an engagement by skill type and non-skill type. Within 6 months’ time the app will be able to create a visible system in place to start creating job opportunities.

The Trends Kamdham Would Set

  • Employment creation with the power to easily discover job seekers and job providers by replacing middlemen.
  • Gig Economy through mouth to mouth propaganda will be eliminated by providing wide scale information on the job opportunities.
  • Web based technology, transaction cost for outsourcing non-core activities would reduce and facilitate an increase in the number of tasks.
  • A rise in start-ups which are outsourcing many activities to expert service providers on a contractual basis.

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Consumers for On-Demand Services

Service seekers are moving towards a gig economy for reasons such as cost-cutting and skilled workforce.

  • Corporate find it cheaper to employ freelancers to perform specific tasks by avoiding the traditional administrative and compliance costs associated with regular employees.
  • With an increase in the on-demand services for specific tasks as per business needs, it is now flexible and affordable to hire people skilled in such services.
  • A gig economy offers a symbiotic relationship where both the service seeker and the service provider have equal freedom to look for options that cater to their specific needs.


Head Office:
NEEDS, House Plot# 275, Near Charki Pahari, Tapovan Road, PO.- Ashram Karnibad, Deoghar, Jharkhand, India, PIN- 814143
Call- +91 9334450368 [10.00 - 18.00 IST]
E-mail- [email protected]

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